Our Mission

We strive to support children and adults with motion impairments to live a life of greater mobility. We aim for equal accessibility for our users at home, in everyday situations.

We want to bring more joy of movement to everyone challenged by disabilities or motion disorders, and to ensure the best possible development opportunities for children and an equitable quality of life.

Advancing Mobility Solutions

The RooWalk Electric-Powered Walker simulates a parent lifting up their child from behind following any intended movement and supporting as much as needed.

The hands-free walker provides an extended range of movement for direct and unhindered interactions and less-exhaustive walking.

Challenging the status quo of traditional walking aid devices for children.

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    Stand upright and walk while being able to have your hands free to interact with the environment. Requires no effort or special strengths in the upper body to move around.
    Reach every location, back and forth, get up and bend down, crawl around and stand on tiptoes, and turn around easily. All your movements are enabled in just one single device.
  • Baby swings
    Keeps you upright resulting in less exhaustive standing and walking. Adjustable level of support to consider individual strengths, conditions, and mobility objectives.
  • Boy feeds bird
    There is nothing in the way in front of you to play, to hug beloved ones, and to participate naturally in everyday scenarios and environments. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
    Just glide over cobblestone, curbs, and doorsteps. Due to a small footprint, the device overcomes barriers on the ground with ease and enables you to climb up stairs.
  • Girl looks into the distance
    Self trained algorithms to detect and to control movements. Learns from, adopts, and reacts on your very own individual movement patterns and conditions.

Our Team

The RooWalk Team has a rich background in research, mechanical engineering and software development.
We’re getting children and adults upright and moving – touching us emotionally and motivating us!

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Pardowitz

Invention & Product Engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Maria Enge

Business & Software Engineering


Do you want to make a meaningful difference?
Empower children with disabilities?

We invite you to join us.

Partners and Supporters

We are supported by national and international funding and mentoring partners
including Charité BIH Innovation (Berlin Institute of Health).


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