Our Mission

We strive to support children and adults with motion impairments to live a life of self-determined mobility. We aim for equal accessibility for our users at home, in their everyday situations, and when travelling – just as typical individuals taking part in our society. We seek to support families and friends in bringing more joy of movement to everyone challenged by disabilities or motion disorders. We want to ensure the best possible development opportunities for children, leading to inclusion, and equitable quality of life.

Our Solution

We are developing an innovative electric-powered walker which enables our users to stand upright and to walk while being able to have their hands free. It provides an extended range of movement and ensures a painless and less exhaustive walking. How it works: Our solution simulates a parent lifting up their kid from behind following any intended movement and supporting as much as needed. 

Our product challenges the status quo of current walking aid devices and mobility assistance without accepting the limitations of existing solutions. Direct and unhindered interaction of our users with the social environment has top priority in developing our electric-powered walkers. We are convinced that the joined benefits created by our solution are a leap in advancing mobility solutions.

More details about the technology and illustrations of the device are going to be published from when on the process of patenting our technical solution is completed.

Our product is intended to support children and adults facing mobility challenges either due to temporary extremity dysfunctions, motion impairments, or physical disabilities.

#1 The intended use for children is where congenital or acquired neuromuscular diseases affected the children’s muscle strength, motor control, balance or posture in such a way that they are unable to stand and walk independently for a longer period of time. For example, but not limited to, this could be due to cerebral palsy, craniocerebral palsy trauma, Angelman syndrome, down syndrome, cat cry syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, rett syndrome, and spina bifida.

#2 The intended use for adults is where movement, coordination, and balance is significantly affected due to injuries, strokes, or severe mobility challenges of the elderly. The objective is to maintain, promote, and secure walking and standing (e.g. walking training) in cases where still sufficient walking ability is present. Applying our solution shortens periods of sitting in the same position for people confined to wheelchairs. As a positive effect, it significantly reduces the risk of areas getting poorly supplied with blood, tissue in which usually wounds develop as a consequence of being continuously exposed to pressure.

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    Stand upright and walk while being able to have your hands free to interact with the environment. Requires no effort or special strengths in the upper body to move around.
    Reach every location, back and forth, get up and bend down, crawl around and stand on tiptoes, and turn around easily. All your movements are enabled in just one single device.
  • Baby swings
    Keeps you upright resulting in less exhaustive standing and walking. Adjustable level of support to consider individual strengths, conditions, and mobility objectives.
  • Boy feeds bird
    There is nothing in the way in front of you to play, to hug beloved ones, and to participate naturally in everyday scenarios and environments. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
    Just glide over cobblestone, curbs, and doorsteps. Due to a small footprint, the device overcomes barriers on the ground with ease and enables you to climb up stairs.
  • Girl looks into the distance
    Self trained algorithms to detect and to control movements. Learns from, adopts, and reacts on your very own individual movement patterns and conditions.

Our Founders

We, Maria and Benjamin, started off with supporting children and relatives in our own families who are facing severe mobility challenges over the last years, long before we founded RooWalk early in 2021. With empathy and a sense of the important things in life, we decided to dedicate our time creating products which serve people with special needs as well as which support their relatives in charge.

With our strong backgrounds in mechanical engineering and software development, we created the idea of an innovative electric walker. We’re developing and testing prototypes to get children and adults upright and moving – that touches us emotionally and continues to motivate us!

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Pardowitz

Invention & Product Engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Maria Enge

Business & Software Engineering

Our Partners

Our mission is supported by national and international funding and mentoring bodies. Since the beginning, we are supported and mentored by the Charité BIH Innovation.


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